Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Day 1

So, I think this is how this work. I'll blog something quick, in the afternoon, ok maybe earlier than this from now on, with the basic run details. This, along with with tweets, ought to at least tell people I survived and am still alive. Then, later in the evening, I can gather all my amusing anecdotes, like the meeting of my new friend Stuart.

Well, I must have checked Wednesday's projected temperatures about 1,000 times. Finally decided on a 5:30 start time. Still dark, with a hint of morning on the horizon, I headed over the Burnside Bridge. It was already warm. I gave Jeanne instructions to NOT let me know what the temperature was until I was done running each day, all I know is it was 73 at start.

Running on the same street that crosses numbered streets, that start at 1 and you know they will get over 220 before things change can be maddening if you focus on it. Crossing I205 seemed like the first milepost for the day. As I crossed it, I decided on the rest: Turning from Burnside onto Stark, crossing the Sandy River and Crown Point.

I felt really good the whole way. Jeanne went back to the hotel after dropping me off at the start and packed up our stuff. I've learned from other runs, that I don't like a "road crew" the whole time on a long run. Having the first hour and half to 2 hours to myself, works really well for my head. She caught up to me around mile 13, refilled my water bottle with, here comes the first of my unpaid endorsements, Infinit. I am so in love with this product I may do a whole blog on just it.

Crossing the Sandy River was a shock. It has been so hot the Sandy River was algae bloomed!! I haven't looked this up yet, A truck with green paint may have crashed into it and I just don't know about it but it was shocking to see, and very sad too.

The wind and temps were really picking up now and the 6 miles up hill out of the Sandy River canyon were straight into a strong headwind. As good as I felt, and I did feel really good it took a while to get up that hill. Crown point was beautiful and WINDY, thought I was going to take off! Jeanne took some pictures at Crown Point (above). A few miles down hill to Latourell Falls and all done for the day. Soaked my feet in some unknown (to me anyway) creek. It was 90 degrees at quittin time!!!!!

The only downside to starting so early; had to kill 3 hours, tired, hot and sweaty waiting for our room to be ready ;o)


  1. Better to be waiting for a room in that heat than running! Nice work! Good luck tomorrow!

  2. While I was up with the boys in the wee hours last night, all I could do was wonder if you were still going to run the river (still going to call it that,) despite the heat. I told John you were "crazy like that" and I bet you would. Sure enough, you did it! Not only did you do it but you did it well. As always, I love your writing and can't wait to read the update tomorrow. But.....can I ask a big favor? Would you be so kind as to include your daily mileage on your blog. I've already forgotten how many miles you put in today and I've lost the link to your map. Cheers to you, my friend, as you embark on another challenge in tomorrow's heat. You truly are an inspiration. I'll be thinking of you and your crazy river run as I return to exercise in two weeks. I know it will be a challenge after a year off but if you can run the river, I can run around our block (okay, maybe a little longer than that.) Be safe out there!