Monday, July 27, 2009

Shorts and Shoes

10 mile tempo run felt really good today, I'm really anxious to get going. I'm making lists of things to not forget, knowing that I will forget something really important.....shorts and shoes, shorts and shoes....I can improvise from there.

Just had the thought over the weekend, I bet that way too good to be true vacation house I reserved in Hood River doesn't have AC. Just!!!!! All of their other properties are booked, and canceling now means losing my deposit. Jeanne found a place that they are just finishing putting in new carpet that might be ready in time (I'm already writing the script in my head for why the other blood soaked carpet had to be removed). If we can get that, we will.

When I reserved the no AC place I specifically asked why it was so inexpensive...they told me it was up a steep hill and up steep stairs to the house???? yeah....oh and, no AC in August!!!!!! I'll let Jeanne go to war to get the deposit back.....she's really good at that sort of thing.....and I'm really bad at it.

Shorts and Shoes, Shorts and Shoes, Shorts and Shoes.

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