Friday, July 31, 2009

Day 3 part 2

Not sure how well I planned today's route, but the first three miles went straight uphill. That was a lot of heavy breathing early in the morning!!!! Managed the adrenaline rush of I-84 without much shoulder and got to Starvation Creek safely. I'm always hungry when running, not at Starvation Creek though....go figure?? Met a guy named Neil who was camping nearby and we ran together for a bout a mile. Nice guy, from Saratoga Springs, NY....comes here every year to windsurf. He ran with me until I met up Jeanne at Viento State Park for my first water break, she asked me if "Stuart caught up to me"....yeah, she's funny. I was glad to get off the I-84 shoulder and even happier to be in Hood River. I told Jeanne Hood River reminds me of Ventura, fact, if you replaced the Columbia with the Pacific Ocean and deposited 2,000 homeless people in Hood River it would be exactly like Ventura!!!

The gill netting thing really bugs me. Like so many things in life, I wish our society was capable of honest communication. This has zero to do with preserving anybody's natural heritage. I know it, the Native Americans know it, everybody knows it....It's just nobody can say it. In fact, it's a disgrace to the Native American people to suggest that building platforms around man made river barriers and netting fish, with no limts, that can then be sold in make shift road side "markets" like road side traffic fatality memorials for Salmon. It's welfare. Welfare that's paid in a natural resource that is not unlimited.

Ok, I'm done with that....for now. A big hill awaits me first thing in the morning. I'm really trying to not get over confidant, 19 miles is still a long run, I am feeling myself wearing down....I know my weight is dropping, though I intentionally didn't bring a scale.....and It's gonna be very hot still in The Dalles tomorrow....having said all that, I know that tomorrow, I don't need to save anything for the next tomorrow.....and I am REALLY looking forward to a cold beer or 4.

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