Thursday, July 30, 2009

Day 2 Part 2

I'll just get it out of the!!! I was beyond out of gas the last 3 miles of today. Very strong headwind the last 6 miles just killed me. I also erred and started a little too late, thanks that I think about open letter to


Thank you so much for the extra hour of sleep your erroneous weather forecast enabled me to get this morning. Your low temperature was off by 9 degrees and you swung and missed completely on the wind direction. It probably seems like piling on to also point out that your forecasted temperature for 11:00 was also off by 10 degrees. Please tell me there some scientific evidence that you based this forecast on, because I have a sneaky hunch it was a little more like "surely it can't be that hot again tomorrow". Hey, we all have bad days, better luck tomorrow.

I did survive. I'm feeling better with some rest and some pizza in my belly. We'll see what tomorrow brings. If you haven't taken the time to venture off I-84 and explore the Historic Columbia Highway, it is on a very short list of the most beautiful places on this planet. Tomorrow I'll have officially "crossed" the Cascades, with the help of the Columbia River's stone cutting abilities. Yep, for better or worse, I'll be in Eastern Oregon by days end tomorrow.

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